Launch in 3…2….1…..

Hello and welcome to Cracking the Books! My name is Kelly Harrass and after much consideration I’ve decided to start a blog. In Cracking the Books I want to write what I’d like to read and I’m hoping that’ll find an audience. I frequent many comic websites and I find myself much more attracted to the stories that analyze the comics and their content on a deeper level as opposed to just reviewing them. Now, I see nothing wrong with reviews, but I’m just not interested in them. While I plan to focus mainly on comics I also plan on writing about TV, movies, and the such.

Seeing as I’m a college student, I won’t be posting every day. If things go according to plan, I’ll get a post up once a week. As things go on I’d like to get other writers on the blog and hopefully I’ll be able to use this to start a podcast that a friend and I have been talking about starting for months.

Thanks for reading and if you decide to come back, I think you’ll enjoy what you’ll read. The first official post will be up sometime tomorrow.

– Kelly

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