Smart Move for Cap, but Not Thor

Captain America

As I posted about last week, Steve Rogers is becoming Captain America again this July. The change will go hand-in-hand with the release of the Captain America. This is a smart move. If people who see the movie want to read the comic, the guy they just saw on the screen should in in the costume. July is the perfect time to make Captain America into a new reader friendly book. Nobody wants what happened to X-Men to happen to Captain America.

As you might remember, when the X-Men movie was released, that was not a good time to start reading X-Men comics. It wasn’t a good time for current readers to be reading X-Men either, quite frankly. Marvel completly dropped the ball there and I’m afraid that they are going to do it again with Thor.


When Thor is hitting the big screen, Fear Itself will be hitting comic stands. After reading the first issue, I don’t believe that this is a good time for a new reader to come into the Marvel universe. In May the second issue of The Mighty Thor is going to be released. I think they should have waited to launch that series until May so that the potential new readers could walk into the shop and see a bright, shiny new number one waiting for them. The Mighty Thor will be a perfect jumping on point for new readers, but if they want to read more of what’s going on now, they’ll probably get sucked into the major event of Fear Itself. I fear that new readers could be overwhelmed by the amount of Fear Itself tie-ins and could push them away from the comics.

The same could be said to Captain America as well, but with the sheer amount of Captain America content that Marvel has been pumping out over the past month or so, I think that they will be doing a fine job of getting Cap comics into the hands of the people.

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  1. chuck

    or they could re-read the new thor book that out a while ago.

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