Sit Down, Shut Up, and Watch the Movie

This summer is comic movie season and it kicked off with the premier of Thor in the beginning of May. Something that has been bothering me as of late is the amount of people who keep asking “What do I need to know going in?” The correct answer should be nothing.

Comic book movies are adaptations just the same as any other film based on a book. With any good adaptation a movie goer shouldn’t have to be familiar with the source material. The movie should be able to stand on its own and tell a full story without the viewer having to go to an outside source to get answers.


Recently a new Green Lantern trailer was released showing more of how Hal Jordan got the ring. I read posts by people online saying that this was something that they wanted to know before the movie and I honestly can’t understand why. You don’t need to know the origin because that will be shown to you in the movie. Some people forget that comic book movies are movies just the same. Just because there are comic about the characters, that doesn’t mean that you have to be familiar with them to get the movie.  If you walk out of the theatre confused about something because it wasn’t clear in the film, that’s not because you had to read something before you saw it, it’s because you just saw a bad movie. But still people have to know the story of a movie before they go see it. What happened to the days when people used to go to movies knowing nothing about them other than what was shown on the poster?

These days people want to know too much about movies before they go see them. I knew about the (SPOILER) Hawkeye cameo in Thor long before I saw the movie. Was it a cool moment? Yeah. Did it lose its surprise? Absolutely. If it was made today the Hitchcock classic, Psycho wouldn’t be the hit that it was when it was released. Today all of the twists and big reveals in the film would have leaked online before it was released. I first saw Psycho knowing nothing about the plot and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. When you watch it, knowing what happens going in; it’s not even close to feeling like the same experience.

Spoilers are more prevalent than ever and the higher profile a movie is, the more likely it seems that something will be leaked from it. As you might have heard, Samuel L. Jackson’s copy of the Avengers script was stolen and some pages of it were posted online. There seems to be a mentality that people have to know about what they are going into see. And not just know about it, know a lot about it. It might just be me, but the more I know about a movie going in, the less fun I have watching it. But this is the age we live in; everybody has to be the first to see something so they can have the first crack at ripping it apart.

I want to make a request of everybody that read this: This summer or for any future movie that you see, try and stay away from spoilers. Whether it is a comic movie or not, go in with a fresh outlook, knowing only what the trailer and poster tell you. More often than not you’ll have a better movie viewing experience.

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