Marcos Martin’s Daredevil

This July we will see the beginning of the Daredevil relaunch. Over the past year Daredevil has become one of my favorite characters in comics. When I first heard, writer, Mark Waid talk about the relaunch I wasn’t a huge fan of some changes to the character that he was making. I’m still a bit worried about the story, but the art has won me over.

Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin are going to make this book look fantastic. As long as they’re the artists behind the comic, I will buy it. Rivera’s art is great, but Martin’s art is amazing. It has a great look to it that blends a style similar to John Romita with a more modern look. Martin also makes some of the best page layouts in comics. That was showcased in preview art that was released by (go to for more of the preview). The art looks amazing. I don’t know how the story will be, but they’ve sold me on the art alone.


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