The New DC Titles I Plan on Buying Part 2

The second half of the new DC comics have been announced and just like I said I would, I’m going to tell you what I’m going to buy. I like the idea of doing this in two parts, but if I could go back in time, I’d shorten the title of the first part of this. It’s already long and I have to tack a “part 2” onto it. Now that I think about it, it’s sad that if I had the power to go back in time I’d change a blog title. Enough of this nonsense! Onto the comic talk!

After I posted the first part of this article, DC released the books that will make up the Next Generation of Justice, The Edge, and the Superfamily books. The first thing that stuck out to me was how much less these new anouncements interested me. There are still some that I do plan on buying though.

  • All-Star Western by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Moritat. There’s actually quite a few reasons for why I want to read this comic. The concept of Jonah Hex in a western set in Gotham City sounds like something that could be a lot of fun. I’ve been wanting to check out the Jonah Hex books by Grey and Palmiotti for a while and this is giving me the perfect oppertunity to give it a try. The art by Moritat seals the deal for me.
  • Grifter by Nathan Edmondson and art by CAFU and BIT. Grifter is a character that I’m not very familiar with, but I do like him. The first, and only, time that I read a comic starring the character was the Ed Brubaker written miniseries Point Blank. The writer behind this book is currently writing the very good Who is Jake Ellis? series from Image. I don’t know anything about the art team, but the writer is enough to bring me in.

And that is it. Out of the series announced sinse Tuesday I’m only interested in two of them. This brings my total up to 9. The final list is as follows:

  • Green Lantern 
  • Red Lanterns
  • Batman
  • Detective Comics 
  • Birds of Prey 
  • Resurrection Man 
  • I, Vampire 
  • All-Star Western
  • Grifter

At the end of the day DC wins. Currently I only buy seven comics from DC and this new universe launch has gotten me to buy more than I usually do. Good work DC!

Coming next week: Two lists! 10 things I like about the relaunch! 10 things I don’t like about the relaunch! Action! Romance! Hilarity! You’ll kick yourself if you miss it!

Also for a full list of all 52 of the new comics from DC go to

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