10 Things I Like About the DC Relaunch

1. This gives people a new opportunity to jump into, or back into, comics. The history of DC comics and the huge number counts on some of their comics can be intimidating to new readers. DC has completely gotten rid of that now. Everything is at number 1 and if I’m to believe what DC is saying, the books will be completely new reader friendly.

2. DC is embracing genre diversity. This is what I’m most excited about. DC isn’t just depending on superhero comics like they have been. Of course the super hero titles are still the flagship books, but now we’ll see a larger presence of horror, war, science fiction, and western themed comics. I’m not against superhero comics at all, but I like that DC is stepping into other genres.

3. Lower tier characters are getting a chance at the spotlight. While I’m sure a lot of the books for these characters will get cancelled at some point or will be turned into miniseries, it is still nice to see them get the chance to succeed.

4. New writers in DC. I was very happy to see some writers receive opportunities to write for DC. Duane Swierczynski, Josh Fialkov, Mike Costa, and Nathan Edmondson are all writers whose work I’ve really enjoyed and I’m happy that they’re getting more work.

5. Red Lanterns. The Red Lanterns are my favorite lanterns and I was more than happy to hear that even with this relaunch they would still get their own series.

6. Insane new comics. There are some new books with crazy premises like Demon Knights and Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE. The more that time goes on, the more I want to check out these books.

7. Greg Capullo on Batman. I’ve been reading Image comic, Haunt, and Capullo’s art is one of the only things keeping it on my pull list. I’ve heard rumors that he was going to be working on Batman at some point and I really didn’t believe it because as far as I know he’s spent all or at least a majority of his career in the indies. His art style should work perfectly on Batman.

8. Scott Snyder stays on Batman. When the relaunch was announced one of my first concerns would be that Snyder wouldn’t be writing Batman. Not only is he still writing Batman, but he’s been moved up to the main Batman comic; Batman. Not only is Snyder writing Batman, he’s also writing the new Swamp Thing series. Swamp Thing may actually find its way onto my pull list because of Snyder.

9. A restart for Green Lantern. I enjoy Green Lantern and what Geoff Johns has been doing with the character, but I feel like ever since the end of Blackest Night the book has sort of lost its way. There was a while where it seemed to be focusing on everybody other than Hal and then it went into the War of the Green Lanterns, which I could not care less about. I’m hoping that this relaunch will bring back Green Lantern to the quality that it was at pre-Blackest Night.

10. This is an exciting time to be reading comics. As a fan this is a great time to be a reader. There are new announcements almost every day. Comic fans are always asking for change and DC decided to give it to them in a very dramatic fashion. This relaunch has opened up an infinite amount of possibilities for DC and as the months go on we’ll only see more and more. I may have been against the relaunch at first, but I’m beginning to become very excited for it.

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Agree with me? Disagree? Tell me about it! Post a comment and let me hear your thoughts

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