Marvel and Their Spoilers (No Spoilers)

Marvel really seems to enjoy spoiling the endings to their big stories. They did it again today by spoiling the end of the Death of Spider-Man storyline going on in their Ultimate books. This is just something that fans of Marvel comics have grown used to. We know that they’re going to spoil the endings because they think that these big events will bring in new readers.

The question has to be asked, do the spoilers really bring in new readers? I’m going to go with no. It may bring more people into comic shops and may sell more copies of those books, but I don’t believe that it brings in new readers. Most people who buy the books because they read about them are buying them because they think that these issues will be worth money.

I can’t decide if this tactic angers me or not. It annoys me more than it angers me. More often than not Marvel only spoils books that I wasn’t planning on reading, so I really don’t care.

To the people who do read the book that get spoiled, I really see it as rude. These people have stuck with you and your books and what you do is openly spoil the ending of the story on your Twitter page the day before the comic is released. What the hell? That’s a really crappy thing to do to your fans.

Marvel will keep doing this because it keeps causing a bump in sales. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what you or I think, unless we vote with our dollars. But really, we don’t want to do that because comic fans will continue to buy comics no matter what. This leaves us stuck in an endless cycle.

Stupid comic books. *kicks a rock*

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