Godzilla Had Some Awesome Covers

By Kelly Harrass
In the late 1970’s Marvel comics published a 24 issue Godzilla series. I haven’t read all of the series, but what I have read is pretty good. It’s awesome to see Godzilla interacting with the rest of the Marvel universe. As good as the inside of the book was, I have to say that the covers are even better. Now with help from comicvine.com, I’d like to share with you some of my favorites.
issue 1

Issue 1

The cover to issue one features a classic Godzilla image. A low angle shot looking at the Big G wrecking stuff. Plus you get a mustache guy with a cigar and a hat running away. Always funny.


Issue 5

This cover is more weird than it is good. First off; Monster Island wasn’t bad enough now we need an Isle of Living Demons. Secondly; is the sky yellow and the sun blue? It kinda looks that way.


Issue 11

Godzilla vs. an ape vs. a robot. All the while a raft full of people race toward the battle. Issue 11: Shit Gets Real


Issue 12

Godzilla is flying through space! Why is Godzilla in space? I don’t know!


Issue 17

Godzilla’s back on Earth and now he’s tiny! Dum Dum Dugan has never looked more terrifying. And how could I forget what appears to be a dog catcher in the background.


Issue 18

One issue later and Godzilla’s still small, but now he’s fighting rats in the sewers!


Issue 19

The Adventures of Small Godzilla continues! This issue Godzilla gets into a drunken brawl on the pier.


Issue 20

Godzilla’s almost back at normal size, but now the Fantastic Four steps up to take him down. Sue throws balls at his chest while the Thing punches him in the gut. What a bunch of dicks. The douchebaggery continues as Human Torch the flies around the Metropolitan Museum. There’s nothing that could catch fire in there. Nothing at all.


Issue 23

Godzilla’s back to being normal size and he’s back to being pissed off. This cover makes me wonder one thing; Who put Vision in charge? I mean really, why is he giving orders to Iron Man and Thor?


Issue 24

The series finale… The Big G’s heading out of town. Cue the sad music and the tearful goodbyes. Or maybe everybody is pretty happy that the guy wrecking everything across the country is leaving.

It’s been a wild ride across coverland. You can probably understand everything that happens in the series by just looking at the covers. If you want to see the rest of the covers go to http://www.comicvine.com/godzilla-king-of-the-monsters/49-2901/

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