The True Blood Recap- You Smell Like Dinner

By Justin Schultz

This week, we had another exciting episode of the HBO series, True Blood.  As usual, in case you have not yet watched this week’s, last week’s, or any episodes of True Blood, PLEASE SKIP AHEAD, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS


If you are a fan of Bill Compton, this episode is definitely for you.  Lots of development and insight on Bill’s position as King of Louisiana, which I know I personally wanted more of.  So let’s jump right in.

Bill, the new King of Louisiana has several incredibly interesting and revealing flashbacks, the first of which taking place in the streets of 1982 London, in a literally underground Punk bar.  Bill fits in perfectly wearing the Punk clothing, something that amuses me to no end, since he actually looks somewhat good in that style.  In typical Bill Compton fashion, he charms one of the employees, a man named Cullen (in a joking wink at the Twilight series).

After Bill Glamours and heals the bartender, we see the first meeting of Bill and the American Vampire League representative, Nan Flanagan.  The two talk about the eventual reveal of the vampire race, and how some of the monarchs are hesitant to the idea.  Nan also introduces the idea that some higher power chose certain vampires, ones who could become the model vampires who follow the mainstream.

The second of the two flashbacks show the duel between Queen Sophie-Anne and Bill, which we have only ever seen parts of.  As soon as the fight starts, we see that Bill is massively outmatched by the older vampire.  However, six soldiers show up, with “wooden bullets with a silver core” according to Bill.  With these special bullets, Sophie-Anne dies a quick and horrible death, exploding all over Bill’s living room.  As soon as the blood settles, Nan walks into the room, dismissing the soldiers and crowning Bill as King of Louisiana, all under the name of the mysterious authority.

During Bill’s kingly business, we see Eric working in typical Eric fashion.  Eric recently bought our heroine, Sookie Stackhouse’s vacant house, in an attempt to further control her, or as he prefers to call it “protect her”.  Eric’s entire plan apparently came from him wanting to guard Sookie from the various vampires that inhabit the world of True Blood.  

Sookie’s story doesn’t advance too much further in this episode.  Sookie mainly interacts with Tara and Eric this episode.  However, the Fae plot doesn’t advance any in this episode.  Sookie is still useful though, as she advances the Eric, Tara, and Jessica storylines.

Jessica and Hoyt’s story continues right where it left of in the past episode.  As the couple leaves the vampire bar, Fangtasia, we see anti-vampire rights protestors outside the club, chanting their religious propaganda at anyone leaving the bar. 

Unfortunately, Hoyt and Jessica get caught in the mob, who are recording the encounter, just in case a vampire harms a human, something which cannot be allowed in the Post Russell Edgerton world.  Hoyt takes a beating, while Pam holds Jessica back, since the mob is recording the two vampire’s reactions the entire time. 

While Hoyt is healing, Jessica offers her injured boyfriend some of her blood, which, for those who don’t know, holds healing properties.  In an off-handed comment, Hoyt says that he doesn’t “need any of that shit”, referring to Jessica’s blood.  This causes the already rocky couple to get in yet another fight, which ends up with Hoyt icing his wounds with frozen vegetables and Jessica back at Fangtasia, where she ends up feeding on a random stranger.

Sam, who in the past episode joined a group of shifters, starts flirting with a fellow shifter, who planned on seducing Sam.  This flirtation gives Sam his own legs, as opposed to be in the twisted love pentagon of Sookie, Tara, Bill, Eric, and himself.  Also, during this part of the storyline, we are introduced to a concept called the “skinwalker”, which, in its simplest terms is a shifter who can change into anything, human or animal.  Apparently, shifters can actually do this, if the story told is correct.  I predict that this is going to be a major development for Sam or one of the shifters introduced on the show.  I’m a little anxious to see where this could go next.

Jason, who in the last episode was thrown in a freezer chest by the pack of were-panthers, wakes up tied to a bed. Jason is eventually greeted by Crystal and her boyfriend, who are struggling to conceive a child together.  In typical True Blood fashion, there’s a catch.  The child needs to be a were-panther, since the two wish to continue the line.  So, the couple decides to convert Jason to one of their own.  This instance could be a massive game changer for Jason Stackhouse, depending on how it all turns out.

Tara, Lafayette, and Jesus all have intertwined segments during this episode.  Jesus and Lafayette talk about their resurrection of the little bird, and how crazy it was.  When Tara comes to talk with Lafayette and Jesus, trying to catch up from her time away in New Orleans, she willingly goes to the next meeting of the coven.

At the meeting, the coven talks about what they want to bring back next, excited over their success of resurrecting Minerva. Marnie tells the group that the next resurrection they will perform will be resurrecting a dead human, something that freaks out a majority of the coven.  Then Eric comes in, with orders to shut down the would-be necromancers before they graduated to manipulating the deceased humans, which would include vampires.

After a struggle, Eric is ready to kill the coven leader.  However, just as Eric is about to deliver the killing blow, the coven starts to cast a spell on Eric, giving Marnie the chance to escape.  Now free, Marnie starts casting a spell in what seems to be a mix of Latin and German, and is able to drive away Eric.

The episode culminates with Sookie finding Eric wandering the side of the road, not knowing who she is or apparently where he is.  However, the one thing that he does know is that Sookie smells good, referring to her Fae blood.


This is another great installment in this season.  The plots seem to be starting right away, giving the season a more exciting feel than some seasons of different television shows that have slow starts. 

Hopefully, this show continues at the pace it is going, since I really enjoy it and hope you do too.  I feel like the season will get even more exciting as it goes on, and there will be a lot of twists, new characters and creatures introduced, and the typical True Blood insanity.

Happy Viewing.

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