The True Blood Recap- I’m Alive and On Fire

By Justin Schultz

It’s a new week, and that means that we have another episode of HBO’s hit series, True Blood to wrap up.  We have returns of old faces and a few great character moments.  Again, as with every True Blood Recap, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.  IF YOU ARE NOT UP TO DATE WITH TRUE BLOOD SEASON 4 AND DO NOT WANT IT SPOILED, PLEASE, SKIP AHEAD.

Where to start?  Seemingly like every episode in this season, a lot was crammed in. 

When we last left Eric and Sookie, Eric had just drained Sookie’s faerie godmother, Claudine.  Just like we saw with Bill in the previous season, Eric experiences immunity to the sun’s light.  However, since Eric drank a much purer and large quantity of faerie blood, we see another side effect, which, simply put, is getting hammered.  Eric acts like any drunken frat boy, completely with pinching Sookie’s butt and daring her to chase him. 

This leads to Eric seemingly disappearing, which causes Sookie to call Alcide, her werewolf friend/lover to help track down the drunken vampire.  During a morning time search, Sookie and Alcide find Eric swimming in a local pond, even though Sookie says that crocodiles live in that pond.  Eric challenges the reptiles to fight him, telling Sookie that he’ll kill any that attempt to hurt him.  I loved this bit.  Eric shouting like, as Sookie puts it “a crazy Viking” is just simply amazing and hilarious.

However, Eric’s comedic crazy Viking quickly turns into just a crazy vampire Viking as soon as he sees Alcide with Sookie, showing his fangs while Alcide starts to give a wolf-like growl in response.  This scene reminds us that the vampires and werewolves in True Blood are as antagonistic as cats and dogs.  I’m curious to see if this bad blood is only limited to werewolves or if it carries to the entire were species in general.  Hopefully, we’ll get answers this season.    

After the faerie blood wears off, we see Eric incredibly depressed.  After a few moments of pushing and prodding from Sookie, we learn Eric’s reason for his depression.  Eric is so depressed since he can’t recreate the feelings that he had when he was out in the sun, something that he had obviously never experienced before.  The acting in this scene is goddamn phenomenal.  Eric is a character who will quickly steal the season, mark my words on this people.

During the Sookie and Eric mess, we see another glimpse of Alcide’s home life with Debbie.  Debbie knows that Alcide shifted during the day through a smell, which I find both interesting and logical, considering their werewolf natures.  When Alcide mentions that Eric was able to survive exposure to the sunlight for an extended amount of time, Debbie’s interest seems to perk up.  I’m going to predict that she is going to fall off the wagon and start using vampire blood again, and probably reintroduce another pack of werewolves. 

Speaking of weres, Jason’s story goes from victim to killer. When Jason is freed from the rape room, he escapes the were-panther compound and pulls off his best Dutch impression, complete with rubbing dirt on himself and making a tree branch spear.  During these scenes, a lot comes across with Jason. 

First of all, he seems to know how the were-panthers track, which may either be a side-effect from his being bitten by the were-panthers, or a level of knowledge that we didn’t see before in Jason.  Also, Jason is a great hunter, again, if this is because of his new status as a were-panther or Jason’s natural ability is hard to determine, but I have a feeling it’s more of the latter than the former. 

When Jason kills one of the were-panthers, Crystal meets back up with Jason, who she wants as a mate.  Jason tells Crystal that he never wants to see her again, and she lets Jason leave, telling him that he’ll be back when the first full moon comes, since she knows that he will turn into a were-panther. 

Jason’s segement ends in this episode with Jason collapsing on the side of the road, just as Jessica and Hoyt stumble upon him, saving him by giving him some vampire blood. 

Sam learns more about Atonia, his fellow shifter and focus of his affections, in this episode.  Primarily, she has a kid, which makes Sam switch from foolish playboy to a father figure.  I really liked that switch in Sam, since it gave Sam a new edge, one that I would like to see play out some more in this season.  Also, we learn about Antonia’s previous relationship with a werewolf, who obviously will be coming back into her life in some fashion.  It wouldn’t be True Blood if you’re ex didn’t try to kill your current lover.

This episode once again culminates with our witch storyline.  Throughout the episode, Marnie is constantly trying to re-connect with the spirit that aided her when Eric was attacking.  We see a brief connection in one of Marnie’s dreams, where we see this spirit being burned at the stake by the Church in some capacity.  Whether this is the Inquisition, something we learned that the vampires started in response to a group of nercomancers is still a little unclear, but I’m sure it will be answered in the next episode or two.    

Also, when the group of Marnie, Jesus, Lafayette, and Tara are faced with Pam’s literal do-or-die deadline, we see a small amount of the supernatural, when the exact book needed by Marnie falls out of the bookshelf. 

Marnie takes this spell to Pam, who forces her to cast it to reverse the damage done to Eric, even though he isn’t there.  When the spell doesn’t appear to do anything, Pam goes in to assumingly kill Marnie.  However, just like last time a vampire tried to kill Marnie, the spirit comes to her aide, casting another powerful spell that causes Pam’s skin to start rotting, which was done with an awesome effect. 

While this recap may seem a little bit smaller than usual, it’s because the storylines are getting more focused.  This means that we can expect shit to start getting crazy in the coming episodes, and I’m going to predict that a few more plots will be introduced in the coming episodes. 

Until next week, happy viewing.

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