The True Blood Recap- Me and the Devil

With Sunday’s new episode of True Blood, you get a brand new “The True Blood Recap”!  Don’t you feel lucky?  With the season reaching its halfway point, it makes a lot of sense that storylines were either evolving or starting to wrap up in this episode.  As with every installment of The True Blood Recap, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.  IF YOU HAVE NOT CAUGHT UP TO THIS EPISODE, THIS SEASON, OR THIS SHOW, PLEASE, DO NOT READ FURTHER. (Editor’s note: I’ve never watched the show and I read all of these. –Kelly)

Now that I have the obligatory spoiler warning out of the way, let’s move on, shall we?

We start the episode with Tommy fighting back against his abusive parents, Jo Lee and Melinda Mickens. In the last episode, to refresh everyone’s memories, Tommy went back to Melinda, and was lead to believe that she had left Jo Lee and his abusive ways behind her, for good.  This was quickly proven to be a con to get Tommy back, since without him, Jo Lee’s strategy of having Tommy fight in his dog-fighting contests quickly fell apart. 

After Jo Lee show Tommy “obedience” by choking him out with a large chain, we are led to believe that Tommy was either dead or unconscious.  The camera follows Jo Lee back to his conversation with Melinda, further reinforcing the point.  Right as there conversation was about to start back up, we see Tommy come from behind and start choking out Jo Lee.  Tommy’s attack quickly turns the situation into a three way brawl, with Tommy trying to beat down Jo Lee, Jo Lee trying to beat Tommy into submission once again, and Melinda trying to break them up.

However, the fight quickly turns bad, since Tommy kills Jo Lee and accidentally kills his own mother.  I personally don’t mind that these two characters were killed off, I didn’t like them all too much and with the new direction that Tommy’s character was going in, they would only hold back his character’s development.  If you disagree with me, feel free to leave a comment.

Tommy runs to Sam to help him dispose of the bodies, which I find suspicious, since Tommy seems to enjoy screwing over Sam.  This could be Tommy running to his brother to help him, or getting ready to frame him for the murders of Jo Lee and Melinda.  We’ll have to see as the season continues, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a double cross happen.

The Bellefleur family doesn’t get too much play this episode, but they are in it.  The angle with Portia Bellefleur gets resolved with a quick glamour, changing the former attraction to screaming terror at the very sight of Bill Compton.  Quick, easy, and logical considering the situation.  Andy Bellefleur keeps being unbalanced from his vampire blood addiction, making the disposal of Jo Lee and Melinda particularly difficult for Sam and Tommy. 

We also get a quick glimpse of Alcide in this episode.  Apparently, our favorite and at the moment, only, werewolf character is headed for a bit of trouble since he didn’t register with the local packmaster at Shriveport.  Okay, quick editorial.  Can we not have a clean-cut werewolf besides Alcide?  Every single werewolf in this series seems like a bad play the biker-gang stereotype.  I understand that this could be just how Louisiana wolves are, but come on! 

Speaking of were-creatures, Jason is now recovering from his ordeal with the were-panthers, thanks to the rescue by Jessica and Hoyt.  Jessica is still disturbed by the fact that she glamoured Hoyt, which Hoyt is seemingly confusing for an attraction to Jason.  Jason also seems to have a thing developing for Jessica, but knows that he shouldn’t have one, if the creepy sex dream with Jason, Jessica, and Hoyt is any measure.

Jesus and Lafayette both decide to run away from the trouble brewing in Bon Temps with Marnie and the coming and inevitable confrontation with the vampires and this witch.  We then see a quick flashback to a portion of Jesus’ childhood, in which his grandfather made him sacrifice and lick the blood of a goat, in order to take in its power.  Jesus knows that whatever power he experienced that it would be what they need to survive the vampires.  Before you ask, I have no idea what mystical powers a goat could hold.

The real meat and potatoes of this episode comes when we see Sookie, Eric, and Bill.

Eric continues to be the badass king of Louisiana, trying to juggle Pam’s thirst for revenge when it comes to Marnie, and the mandate of no human-vampire violence by the Authority.  When Bill captures the witch for questioning, we see more of her past, and how the Inquisition was a slaughter for vampires, since the spirit who had been possessing/helping Marnie, named Antonia (Sorry for last week’s confusion, if there was any), had made all the vampires walk into the sun with her necromancy.  This necromancy angle can become something that is a real, and more importantly, HUMAN threat, something that we sorely need in this series. 

When Bill calls his Sheriffs, we see that a vampire from the Inquisition serves under Bill.  This leads me to a question, why do all of the seemingly ancient vampires we see, besides Russell Edgerton, serve as Sheriffs to younger monarchs?

Also, at this meeting, Pam lets slip that she knows what has happened to Eric and where he is.  Bill quickly finds out that Eric has been hiding out in Sookie’s house, to his horror.

Eric and Sookie have a one freaking great moment in this episode.  After Eric has a nightmare about his maker, Godric, being a monster, he asks if he can join Sookie in bed, just like a child would when they have a nightmare.  I loved this scene, and I love what the writers are doing with Eric in this season.  My only hope is that this change stays with Eric in some small part when he returns to his usual self. 

As you can tell, this season of True Blood is shaping up to be the best yet.  I really hope that the series continues on this foot, putting up new twists on characters and giving the actors room to actually act in different ways. 

Also, check out the Comic-Con trailer for the second half of the season.  From what I saw, it looks insane, which fits perfectly with the rest of this insane season. 

See you all next week.

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