The True Blood Recap- I Wish I Was the Moon

By Justin Schultz

It’s time for this week’s “The True Blood Recap”, and I know, I just made your day.  Like every recap, there will be spoilers, so let me warn you all: THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.  IF YOU HAVE NOT CAUGHT UP TO THIS EPISODE, THIS SEASON, OR THIS SHOW, PLEASE, DO NOT READ FURTHER.

The episode opens up with Eric and Sookie getting intimate, in the typical True Blood fashion.  Being an amazing cock-block, Bill shows up, literally pulling Eric off of Sookie.  After a quick fight, where Eric eventually gains the upper-hand, Eric learns that Bill is his king.  As soon as the words leave Sookie’s lips, Eric bows down and submits to Bill, even though he was about to kill him.

I find this really interesting, since it again shows that age has seemingly very little importance in the vampire community, instead it is about position.  This is a nice departure from traditional vampires tales, where age is essentially rank.  I would be interested to see what would happen if a maker was outranked by their creation, but that thought is for another day.

Eric is then taken to the Compton Manor and imprisoned with Pam.  The maker and creation have a great conversation about how Eric doesn’t want to return to his old self, calling it a “Viking barbarian”. Pam doesn’t believe Eric, saying that with his patience, he will return to his old self.  This is a great moment between these two characters, since Pam’s affection and love for her creator shows to an amazing degree.

Let’s turn our other favorite vampire, Bill Compton.  Not too much of him in this episode, besides him using his power as King of Louisiana and releasing Eric from a True Death execution, so that Eric can be with Sookie.  Not too much here, but it works for the arc they seem to be going with. 

The only other time we really see Sookie in this episode is when she is helping her brother, Jason with his newly developing were-panther problem.  During the full moon, Jason decides to lock himself up in his bedroom, so that no one would get hurt during his transformation.  Sookie finds him, and, after a few hilarious moments, decides to unlock Jason, so that she can help him through the transformation process.

Sookie takes her eyes off of Jason for a few seconds, during which he runs into the woods, hiding from his sister.  Jason meets Jessica in the woods, since she now has a link with him thanks to the vampire blood that Jason drank in the past episodes.  Jason and Jessica sit down in the woods, waiting for Jason to turn.  During these scenes, we see a bond forming between Jessica and Jason, one that I want to see form into something greater as the season continues. 

During these exchanges between Jason and Jessica, Sookie and Alcide meet up again.  We get a quick run-down on how the were-creatures in True Blood work, which is genetic.  I like it; it’s simple and not messy at all.  After their little conversation, Sookie goes back to looking for Jason and Alcide goes with Debbie to a pack meeting.  On a sidenote, I loved how the pack leader Raoul viewed and mentioned the previous pack leader that Alcide had to follow.  It gives the werewolves more depth, and a set of rules.

Tommy’s character goes through something a little awesome in this episode.  Since Tommy recently killed his parents, he is able to become a skinwalker, which Luna the Shifter introduced us to near the beginning of the season.  Tommy shifts into Sam, acting like Sam, but messing up his life in the way of bossing around his employees, firing Sookie, hitting on customers, and sleeping with Luna.  Unfortunately, Tommy-Sam has none of Sam’s usual charm and ruins the chance Sam had with Luna. 

I was really impressed with how Tommy wearing Sam’s skin was portrayed on screen.  You could almost see the tics and movement style of Tommy and Sam combined.  Bravo, it was something I liked a lot.

In the continuing weird of little Mikey, Arlene and Rene’s child, we see that somehow Mikey was able to escape the mysteriously started fire.  Also, Mikey is now seeing a black woman that only he can see; in the same vein that Marnie saw Antonia and Lafayette has seen spirits in the past.  The odds of Mikey being some form of witch seem more and more likely.  We’ll see as the season continues.

Speaking of witches, we have quite a few things happening with the witch of Bon Temps, so let’s give a quick rundown.

Jesus and Lafayette continue their training in Mexico, where we learn that Jesus’s grandfather and Jesus have a worse relationship than we imagined.  Lots of bad blood between them.  During the training, Jesus is poisoned by a rattlesnake bite, thanks to his grandfather and Lafayette is forced to channel a spirit, named Tio Luca (Not sure if this is supposed to be a full name or if it’s Uncle Luca).  Lafayette successfully channels the spirit and saves his lover’s life.  Lafayette is shaping up to be one hell of a witch.  I’m smelling a showdown between Lafayette and Marnie coming.

Now for the Marnie section of the wrap-up.  Through Marnie, we learn more about Antonia and the Vampire Inquisition.  Antonia was raped by Luis, a priest, vampire, and Sheriff of Louisiana.  When Marnie calls upon Antonia to help her escape, Antonia fully possesses Marnie, giving Marnie access to all kinds of necromancy.  When Luis sees Marnie, he goes down to investigate and see if the spirit really is Antonia, and he finds out, since Antonia control the vampire with powerful necromancy.  Making him kneel before her, and having him realize that Marnie is now Antonia.

This episode is probably my favorite episode of the season since there wasn’t much Sookie and the witch plots really advanced, with Lafayette and Marnie getting ready for what I’m sure will be one hell of a showdown.  I hope that the future seasons allow for other characters to shine, and take some of the focus off of Bill and Sookie, who drove the show for so long. 

This is Justin, signing off for this week.  See you all next time on the True Blood Recap.

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