The True Blood Recap- Cold Grey Light of Dawn

By Justin Schultz

Hey kids, it’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time for your weekly fix of the True Blood Recap.  I bet you can all think of what comes next, the spoiler warning!  WARNING: THERE WILL BE SPOILERS FOR THE SEVENTH EPISODE OF THE SEASON, THE FOURTH SEASON IN GENERAL, AND THE SERIES OVERALL.  IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED YET, PLEASE HOLD OFF.

The episode starts up with Marnie/Antonia using Sheriff Luis to escape her cell, thanks to her absolute control over the Sheriff with her powerful necromancy.  Marnie/Antonia uses Luis to kill her guard and betrayer from the coven.  As Marnie/Antonia leaves the Compton Manor, she tasks Luis with giving the message that she has returned from the dead, and that she intends on performing the resurrection. 

When Luis delivers this message to his King, Bill Compton, he attempts to kill Bill. The vampire King defends himself with a stake, destroying Luis in a literally bloody explosion.  However, right before Luis explodes into blood, he delivers Marnie/Antonia’s message.  The message puts Bill on high alert, causing a royal decree to be released, all vampires must silver themselves when they are asleep, so that they cannot “meet the sun”, or kill themselves by walking into the sun. 

This plot point limits a lot of what the vampire characters can contribute to the episode in terms of action.  But, their roles are still plenty interesting.

With Bill and Jessica, we have a few nice moments high-lighting their Creator/Progeny relationship, something I want to see so much more of.  I really like this relationship, and while I know that their relationship was explored in earlier seasons, I think that you could add a lot more depth and new angles to the relationship, now that Bill is the King of Louisiana and Jessica is trying to live a “normal life” with Hoyt. 

When we go over to Eric, we see a lot of sex with Sookie.  Honestly, the first three appearances of Eric and Sookie are just them having sex.  Whatever, it’s HBO, it’s to be expected.  After Eric and Sookie finally call it quits, they have a nice conversation about where their relationship would go if Eric were to regain him memories.

While I really like the new side of Eric, I’m getting really tired of the “woe is me” side of Eric.  You could have a more innocent Eric, explore a relationship with Sookie, and easily avoid this trap.  No matter what kind of spell Marnie/Antonia cast on Eric, I think that he would still have some of his cockiness.  If you disagree with me, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

Then, we go to Pam, poor, poor Pam.  Pam’s flesh is still rotting, and it doesn’t look like there is an end in sight for this angle on Pam.  The vampire doctor from previous seasons visits our favorite psychotic vampire blonde and starts to rip off all the skin from her body, saying that the flesh has no chance of a full recovery, but there is a chance of growing some new skin back to cover her, if they give her regular injections, for the rest of her unnaturally long life.  Pam hates this, but seems to accept it, since she wants to return to her form looks. 

Also, Pam, Tara, and Naomi have a brief confrontation, where Pam attacks the couple.  After Tara and Naomi fight off the vampire, they have an argument, where Tara asks Naomi to leave since she feels that Naomi wouldn’t be safe in Bon Temps with her, especially with the amount of vampires that have an interest in Tara. 

After Naomi leaves, Tara is met by Marnie/Antonia, who asks Tara if she wants to fight back against the vampires, since she has been as violated, hurt, and abused by the vampires as Marnie/Antonia was by the vampires. 

Alcide and Debby officially join their new pack.  It’s a nice little scene that gives up a better insight on the werewolf culture and how tribal it can be.  I also really like the variety amongst the pack members, we have the bikers and all sorts in the pack.

As always, things go crazy whenever the magic is introduced in this episode of True Blood. 

When we see Lafayette, he’s with Jesus and his grandfather.  Through Jesus’ grandfather, we learn that Lafayette is a witch akin to Marnie, able to act as a medium and channel spirits.  I’m not sure if necromancy falls under the same umbrella of having the skills of a medium, but I’m sure that will be answered in the coming episodes.  Lafayette also sees the spirit of the doll that young Matty is caring around with him now, further proving Lafayette’s abilities as a medium. 

Marnie/Antonia starts gathering a new coven, replacing the old one that disbanded in the beginning of the season.  The first member of this coven is Tara, who I thought would eventually join up with Marnie/Antonia’s anti-vampire crusade.  Tara acts as Marnie/Antonia’s recruiter, looking for those with a talent for magic.  The coven is quickly gathered up, leading to the climax of the episode.

In the episode’s climax, Marnie/Antonia recreates the spell from the Inquisition, forcing the vampires to have an incredibly need to meet the sun.  After an impressive piece of spellwork, all the vampires want and need the sun, forcing them to fight against their silver chains to kill themselves.  The episode ends with Jessica freeing herself from her bonds and going to meet the sun, with Jason running after her trying to save her. 

The Marnie/Antonia plot is really shaping up to be a great villain arc.  Hopefully, it doesn’t become too cheesy or ridiculous.  Also, loving the new relationship and status quos that are forming in this season, it makes the season really something to behold. 

The rest of the season is going to shape up to be a crazy finale.  I can’t wait to see how it ends up. 

Until next time everyone, I’m Justin, and I’ll see you next week.

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