DC Relaunch and Podcasts

By Kelly Harrass

(This week I’m putting out two smaller blogs for the price of one)


Days Away From the DC Relaunch

As I write this we are less than one week away from the beginning of the new DC Universe. Just this past Wednesday the current DCU has been wrapped up. It’s done, over. Everything you know is wrong!

As we get closer to the new DCU I’ve noticed several things about people’s reactions to it. The readers are still split on the changes, but I think that more are jumping on the side of being for it; I know that I’m one of those people. Working at a comic shop I get to hear many different opinions without the hyperbole and cursing that you get on the internet. Every day that I work we get a couple people asking about the new DC and where they should start. More often than not these are people who buy little to no DC books. This is exactly what DC wants; new readers. If the preorder numbers prove anything it is that these books will be some of the most read comics of the year.

Of course it still has its detractors and most of them are huge DC readers. They’re upset about their favorite stories not counting in this new mythology or the restarting of the numbering and I understand that, but at the end of the day good stories should trump everything. I’m hoping that’s what we get out of this reboot.

At this point the only thing that we can do is wait and see how everything turns out. Some hope that it fails, but for the sake of the industry I hope it succeeds more than DC even imagines.



Podcasts You Should Listen To

I’m a huge podcast fan. I spend hours every week listening to the many podcasts that I download and I want to pass on some of my favorites to you.

The Panels on Pages Network of shows– This is a great network of shows that have a huge variety of topics. The original PoP-Cast, the Super Fly Podcast and the Princesscast all talk about comics. PCW talks about wrestling. PoP-Corn, So You Think You Know, and Bride of the PoP-Cast are all movie shows. And then the show I’m on Last Week in PoP gives you the best bits of all of them, but not right now because the first season has just wrapped up. Fun stuff going on almost every day.

The Nerdist– This is my favorite interview podcast that I listen to. Chris Hardwick, along with Matt Mira and Jonah Ray, talk to all sorts of famous people. From Jon Hamm to Matt Smith to Robert Kirkman they have great interviews with them all. This show is always funny.

WTF with Marc Maron– In this show Marc Maron interviews people from the comedy world. If you are a standup comedy fan this is a must listen show for you. WTF is a funny show, but it can get very serious at times (for an example of this listen to the two Louie CK episodes).

Word Balloon Comics Podcast– Another interview show, but this one is with some of the top creators in the comic industry. It gives a good insight into the heads of the people who make all the comics we read. I highly recommend that Ed Brubaker fans download every episode that he was on. They were very entertaining and you should get some good movie and TV recommendations.

11th Hour Radio– This is the best music podcast around. Every week they play two hours of music around a certain theme. Along with the music you get 11 facts about the music and a list of 11 songs that didn’t make it into the playlist.

The Nerdist Writers Panel– Anyone that is interested in the writing on TV shows needs to listen to this. This show gives a perspective on TV that isn’t normally given.

Doug Loves Movies– No podcast makes me laugh and get more funny looks in public than this one. Doug Loves Movies is Doug Benson’s hilarious podcast about movies. Not only does it make you laugh, but it tests your movie knowledge as well.

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