The Four Properties That Deserve a TV Adaptation

By Justin Schultz

In today’s age, network executives are seemingly focusing on established properties for their next big hits.  Whether or not they should be doing this or focusing on original ideas is an entirely different argument, what I’m going to talk about is what the executives should be looking at. 


Before you say that the series already received an adaptation, don’t.  Whatever that show on the Sci-Fi network was, it wasn’t the Dresden Files.  Trust me, it wasn’t close. 

No, not close at all

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, it’s about Chicago’s only professional wizard, named Harry Dresden and his adventures around the city.  The Dresden Files has a great mythology, full of vampires (four different types), werewolves, faeries (more on those later), angels, demons, dragons; the list goes on and on.  However, unlike the stereotypical portrayals of these creatures, they’re all unique, all with a goal besides a form of world domination.  Another highlight of this series is the incredible cast of characters.  I could literally write articles about all these characters. 

There would only be one real home for this series on television, AMC.  AMC is a great place for programming like this, and it would give the show a decent amount of exposure.  The budgets and freedom that the network would give (in terms of content) the program would be just what this series would need for this show to become a success. 

The seasons could easily be each of the novels, except the first season, which in my mind should be the first three novels combined, since they are a little slow. 

In my mind, this show would be a success since it is similar enough to the Harry Potter series that they could capitalize on its popularity, but it is different and mature enough that it would find its audience fairly quickly.

2.       PUSH


A fun movie from 2009, where various psychics are on the run from the government and each other in Hong Kong and the rest of the world. 

This movie had potential to make a great series, whether it wanted to or not.  The varying types of psychics and their interactions with each other would have benefitted greatly from a longer form of storytelling that a movie would have allowed for. 

The best part about adapting this property would be how many different characters you could focus on.  The network wouldn’t have to focus on the characters from the film, since their story could be “over” at the end of the movie.  However, they could refer to them in passing, giving the show a definitive link to the original movie. 

The show would probably do the best in a network like the SyFy Channel.  The niche of that network would give the network a perfect viewership right out of the gate, giving the show enough legs to walk on until its numbers were to grow enough so that the show would become a hit. 



A personal favorite from the comic book world, where thirteen mystical Artifacts have immense power and are at war with each other, each Artifact with differing goals. 

This series isn’t the most popular in the comic book world, but it has a rich, solid, and interconnected history that, unlike most comic books, has a definite timeline.  The Artifacts all have existed since the dawn of time, so they have had various hosts, allowing for even more potential in terms of storylines. 

The main characters would probably be Sara Pezzini, Jackie Estacado, and Tom Judge, the bearers of the Witchblade, the Darkness, and the Rapture respectively, the three characters who have the most interesting character aspects and storylines.  The other Artifact bearers would definitely appear in various fashions, but those three Artifact bearers are the most consistent in terms of appearance.    

The action in this series would go all across the globe, since the Artifacts are a global phenomenon, giving extraordinary potential locations.   The only potential draw back would be the effects on the Artifacts.  Some of their designs are a little dated, and for those of them that aren’t they would become incredibly expensive. 

However, this is why the show would need to be on a network like HBO.  Plenty of budget, room for the more violent and sexual content, and the limited episode runs would make sure that the episodes wouldn’t become riddled with “Monster of the Week” syndrome. 

Not the most obvious or popular choice, but I think it would make an awesome TV series.



Considering the success and critical praise that the newest installment of the series, Deus Ex: The Human Revolution, has been receiving, I’m honestly surprised that we haven’t heard of something in the works for this series of videogames.  

For those unfamiliar with the idea of this series of videogames, it takes place in the middle of the twenty-first century, where cybernetic augmentations are incredibly common, either through robotic parts or nanomachines.  However, like all powerful technologies, this technology is abused and used for wrong, in this case, terrorism. 

The world that is built in these games is quite frankly, amazing.  People act like they do in the real word, discriminating against the various level of augmented individuals. 

I don’t want to spoil too many of the plotlines from the game series, so you’ll have to trust me on this when I say that the twists from Lost are nothing compared to the twists in the Deus Ex series.

This series would thrive on HBO or FX, where shows with this level of complexity either already exist or have existed in the past.  The only real problem would be the budget for this series.  The cybernetics would have to look gorgeous, since they are supposed to be advanced pieces of technology.   Also, the locations of the series would need to be as diverse as they are in-game, since that adds to the nature of the story.

It would be complex and expensive, but it would be some of the best TV around.

These are just my opinions, so I welcome whatever you, the reader think would make a great TV show, from any medium.  If there is anything you think I missed or that I got wrong, let me know in the comments sections.

Until next time everyone.


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