The DC Relaunch: One Month In

By Kelly Harrass

Here we are, one month into the new DC. Personally, I find it damn near impossible not to call it a success from both the perspective of a fan and of someone that works behind the counter of a comic shop. While I haven’t been working at the shop long, I’ve never seen anything sell like these new DC books. We can’t keep them on the shelves. I didn’t think that I’d live in a world where Animal Man sells out in less than five days. I wouldn’t have predicted that one day I would go to work on a Saturday and find out that six of the new series from the Wednesday of the same week were already sold out.

As a fan this level of sales gives me a new confidence in DC. They wanted to bring in new readers and they did something drastic to get it done. While they did risk their current fanbase they obviously had good reasons behind their actions. I couldn’t be happier with the reboot. I’ve always been a Marvel guy, but in September I was way more excited to read my DC books that I was to read my Marvel books.

I started picking up DC books around Blackest Night and grabbed an average of seven of their comics a month, maybe one more, maybe one less. I didn’t have any reason to read any more of their comics, nothing interested me and I knew that I’d have to catch myself up in some backstory to read certain titles. Now DC exploded their entire line and threw out 52 new comics. Initially I wasn’t very excited about the idea (it seems like a lot of people weren’t seeing as my Ten Things I Don’t Like About the DC Relaunch post is my most viewed piece), but as we neared the start of the relaunch I found myself wanting to buy more books.

I never expected to buy an issue of Action Comics, but I did and it may have been my favorite of the #1’s. If I had to give advice to DC it would be to let Grant Morrison write Superman forever. This is the second Superman comic that he’s written that I’ve enjoyed, which makes it the second Superman comic that I’ve enjoyed reading.  I picked up thirteen of the new 52 and I can’t say that I read a bad comic from DC this month. Some were better than others, like Action Comics, Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E., Batman, and I Vampire (just so you know these four were my favorite books of the weeks that they were released). But no matter what I enjoyed every book that I read. Hell, I read Hawk and Dove and dug the hell out of it. Hawk and Dove was one of the craziest comics I read all month. I wouldn’t call it a good book, but it was fun as all hell.

DC did face a bit of criticism for this relaunch in the third week when Catwoman and Red Hood and the Outlaws were released. Even with all of the angry fans against them DC laughed all the way to the bank because those two books sold fast. Damn near everything sold fast. September is the first month that I can think of where DC dominated the sales charts this much. I can’t go through my Twitter feed without seeing a tweet about DC.

Some people like the relaunch and some people don’t, but we’re all talking about it. No matter what Marvel tried to do this month, DC stole every single little bit of their thunder. It’ll be interesting to see how long DC can keep this momentum going. More than anything I hope that this brought some new readers into shops and brought some estranged readers back into the fold.

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