Change in Direction

This is my first post on this blog since October for two reasons:

1. School.

2. It stopped being fun.

I started off this blog to try and write things that I wasn’t seeing in the current state of comics journalism, which I feel focuses on reviews, news, and negativity too much. I wanted to make a blog which took a deeper look into the comics I was reading. I kind of did that for a while and I feel like I actually got there when I wrote my piece on the second volume of Casanova. Then I became determined to make this little blog into a thing. I craved hits and loved seeing the graph rise. Because of that I started to steer this blog into the direction of every other comic site. I talked about the news and people started to read my shit, which is funny because I wouldn’t have read it. I started off this blog to write what I wanted to read and then I stopped doing that and it stopped being fun.

I tried to get a piece out every week and putting that deadline on it kept it from being fun as well. Eventually it got to a point where school and work were taking up so much time of my life and writing for this blog wasn’t fun and I wasn’t getting paid for it, so why should I do it? The answer that I’ve come to is that I shouldn’t do it. The blog as it is now is done.

What I’d like to do from here on out is do what I wanted to do when I started. Fuck the hits, if what I’m saying has any value the readers will come.

The posts won’t be weekly or anything like that. They’ll just be whenever I feel like it. I think I’ll use this blog to talk about writing too. I’d like to crank out a script for a graphic novel that’s been clunking around my head for a couple of months now so maybe I’ll be posting stuff about that. You might ever see some personal essays pop up.

Sometime soon I’ll post a list of my favorite comics of this year. Yeah, everybody else does that, but I do love me some lists.

I probably should have discussed this with Justin before making the decision. Oh well, he’ll get it. Even though I kinda just fired him now. Huh… yeah, I feel like a douchebag.

If the grammar sucks or my spelling is off, sue me. This is just me talking, like it always should have been.

– Kelly

PS, while I’m thinking of it, go back and read my interview with JFX316. I enjoyed doing that a lot.

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