Attack of the Space Nazis from Mars Behind the Scenes

For the people that read and enjoyed the short story I just released, available on Smashwords at:, I wanted to give them a little something extra. I love DVD’s (and now Blu Rays, I guess) and I love bonus features. I’m the guy that listens to commentaries for movies. Yeah, I’m the one.

There have been several times where I wished that a book I was reading had some bonus making of stuff at the end of it. Now, I’m sure no one thought that while they were reading my story, but I’m going to give them bonus material because deep down, they want it.

I first thought of the idea for this story while I was eating a sandwich and watching the Price is Right with my grandpa. When the show ended I grabbed a notebook and scribbled this down. The following is an exact, word for word, copy of what I wrote down (If you haven’t read it yet, spoilers follow):


“New York 1950

Quiet Day. Sky opens up. The Nazis return and attack the city.

Story follows newspaper writer trying to keep his gal safe.

Nazis lived on Mars, now have Martian tech. They want to make New York into New Berlin.

Run into church. Martian landed on Earth years ago. Now lives in church. Martian weapons stockpiled there, used to fight back. Martian explains how the Nazis got on Mars and why he escaped.

Fight back! Kiss the girl! Jetpack to the top of the Empire State Building.

It’s Hitler! Oh no! Fight Hitler. Kill Hitler, save the day. Destroy the gravity disruptor that lessens the gravity for the Nazis. The heavy gravity takes out the remaining Nazis.”


I wish I could explain all of the exclamation points, but I just can’t.

If you read the story, you know that things have changed from what my original plans were. The core story is the same, but I added more twists and gave certain characters larger parts. Kent became much less of the pulp hero I originally set out for him to be and his girlfriend, Sally, became a much more key element of the story.

If you’ve read the story, thanks once again! I hope you enjoyed it.

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