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Interview with JFX316 about his new album Don’t Get Killed

By Kelly Harrass

I don’t know where Jared Whittaker finds time to sleep. With two podcasts to record and produce, a comic shop to help run, columns to write for Panels on Pages, and two musical projects, I just don’t know how he does it. In this interview Whittaker and I discuss the music he releases under the name JFX316. On Halloween, JFX316 will release his new album Don’t Get Killed. Let’s get into the interview where I do my best Marc Maron impression and make things all conversational.

album art by Rusty Shackles

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The Danger Days of Rock Music

By Kelly Harrass

The other day I was listening to a CD that I’m still surprised that I own, even though it’s become one of my favorites. I’ll fill you in on what that CD is and why I like it so much later. (Good on ya if you know what CD I’m talking about from the title and the picture to the right.)

I’m a lifelong rock fan. Rock music is what I’ve always been attracted to over all other kinds of music. At one point in sixth grade I made a persuasive speech about why Rock was the best genre of music out there. Sadly I lost the class vote for best speech to a girl who gave everybody brownies, but that’s not the point. The point I’m trying to make is that I love rock. I’m a full blown metalhead in these dark times where Justin Bieber makes fifty million dollars in a year. Ugh.

Even though rock is my favorite kind of music, I have to say that I’ve been growing bored with what’s been being produced by the rock industry. In my opinion, right now is one of the worst times to be a rock fan that I’ve heard in my lifetime. Over the past year I began to listen to rap, something that I had never done (and enjoyed) before. I’ve been sticking to the independent scene of rap with artists like Childish Gambino, Odd Future, and Adam WarRock because they do things differently than the mainstream rap acts, which I still dislike for the most part. (On a side note: I listened to Watch the Throne, the new album by Jay-Z and Kanye West. It had some decent tracks, but it wasn’t that great. It felt lazy. Don’t believe the hype.)

Like I was saying before the rappers who have gotten my interest have done so because they sound different than the other rap acts out there. There isn’t much excitement going on in rock for me right now. Continue reading


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Odds and Ends

Hey everybody! Kelly here. Instead of writing a fully formed article I’ve decided to opt to instead write about whatever’s on the top of my head. Expect various links and stream of consciousness babbling to follow. Continue reading

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